How Dolphins Use Echolocation to Master the Dark and Mysterious Deep Seas

Dolphins use this unique feature to hunt in the darkness of the deep seas.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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We all know that dolphins are adorable but did you know they were also agile hunters that can easily navigate the deep dark seas? One has to wonder how do they hunt in such dark waters?

The answer to that question is through echolocation. It’s a unique ability to “see” the world through sound that they share with porpoises, bats and whales and it functions much like sonar on a submarine.

The way it works is nothing short of impressive. Dolphins can interpret the echoes of sound waves that bounce of nearby objects.

In fact, these animals are uniquely built to be able to achieve this complicated task. From their melon to their nasal sacs, they have all the features required to make echolocation a possibility.

How do they use these features and how exactly does echolocation work? We answer this crucial question in our video. We even let you know what a human will seem like to a dolphin underwater.

Finally, we delve into the history of who first discovered echolocation and brought this knowledge forward. If you love dolphins or have ever been curious about how they hunt, this video is for you.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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