How Food Is Stored and Prepared on a U.S. Nuclear Navy Submarine

The crew is very vocal about not liking food so kitchen staff have extra pressure to make tasty meals.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Did you know that the limiting factor in how long a submarine can stay submerged is the crew's appetite? Indeed, a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine has the technology to produce both air and water from seawater for years. 

What it cannot supply for years, however, is food. This is why submarines often need to make runs for more supplies. YouTuber SmarterEveryDay takes us on a tour in the kitchen and freezer of such a submarine so we can learn first hand how the food is stored and prepared.

So what do soldiers above the Navy submarine eat? It turns out it's a lot of meat and some mozzarella cheese sticks and jalapeno peppers. Mmmm Yummy!

The crew has to order food based on where they are going to be which often poses challenges as the chef has to adapt his menu. This takes a lot of thinking ahead.

And according to the kitchen staff, the submarine's crew are very vocal about not liking the food, so they have extra pressure to make tasty meals. One thing we found out from the video is that the crew loves their pancakes in lots and lots of syrup. What else do they reveal? Watch the video and see.

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