The manufacturing process behind how hair dye products are made

A factory reveals how exactly hair dye is created.
Christopher McFadden

Have you ever wondered how hair dye products are made in a factory? If so, then you are in for a real treat.

Let's watch how one manufacturer does it.

hair dye complete
Source: Interesting Engineering

Step 1: Prepare and bottle the hydrogen peroxide

The first step is to take the crystallized hydrogen peroxide and feed it into a machine ready for processing. Once inside the machine, the crystals are dissolved into a medium, ready for decanting into bottles. 

Next, the storage bottles for the dye are loaded into another machine and cleaned. These are then fed to a special conveyor belt to be dropped and stored inside a large hopper ready for use. 

hair dye making bottles
Source: Interesting Engineering

With that done, the caps and nipples of the bottles are checked by hand and loaded into yet another machine ready for fastening to the main bottles. Any defective units are removed. 

Next, the cleaned and prepared bottles are loaded onto another conveyor belt ready to receive their hair dye. The caps are also loaded into the same machine, except on a separate conveyor belt system. 

With that done, the bottles are fed through the machine to the dye dispenser head. Once in place, the head depresses into the necks of the bottles and automatically fills the bottles with a predetermined volume of liquid. 

dye making filling bottles
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Once filled, the bottles continue along the conveyor belt to the capping portion of the machine. Here the bottles are fed into a rotating wheel that grips a single bottle and transports it to the capping head. 

Once under the capping head, one of the plastic caps and nipples is secured into place automatically onto the bottle. 

dye making capping
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Once done, the bottles are then fed to another conveyor belt. Here the bottles are checked using sensors and human workers to ensure enough liquid is inside them and the caps are firmly screwed into place. 

Once done, the bottles continue along the conveyor belt until they reach the boxing area. Here human workers take batches of bottles and put them into a temporary storage box. 

With that done, the bottles are transferred to the labeling and branding machine. Here, the bottles run along yet another conveyor belt until they reach the labeling head of the machine. 

As each bottle reaches the head, the conveyor is stopped, and the bottle is pressed against the labeling head where the label adheres to the outside of the bottle. 

hair dye labelling
Source: Interesting Engineering

2. Preparing the hair dye containers

The next step is to prepare the actual hair dye packets. First, the plastic/foil packets are loaded into a special machine and filled with the hair dye to a predetermined volume.

With that done, the packets move along to another part of the machine to cut each packet into individual units using a special cutting head. 

hair dye packets
Source: Interesting Engineering

At the same time as being cut, the packets are also sealed using another special tool on the machine. After that, each individual hair dye packet is gripped by a special claw and moved to the next part of the machine. The loose packets then drop down a chute into a temporary storage bin. 

Next, plastic cylinders are loaded into yet another machine. These cylinders are then maneuvered into place and affixed to a series of plastic bottles to make a series of tubes for the hair dye products.

hair dye cylinders
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The ends of these plastic cylinders are then sealed closed using the same machine. Once done, these tubes are then moved to the packaging area where they are packaged as needed. 

This is done by hand. 

hair dye boxing
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3. Preparing the packaging

The last phase is to prepare the packaging. The boxes come in flatpack form and are fed into a machine ready for processing. These are fed through the machine, and the production date and time, and other process details are etched into the packaging as needed. 

Once done, the flat boxes are transferred to a series of workers to package the final product(s). Contents from the hair dye-making process are then packaged into their respective boxes ready for shipping. 

hair dye boxing
Source: Interesting Engineering

Prior to shipping, however, each box and its contents are checked before being sealed. Each box is then placed into a larger box ready to be shipped out in bulk to the factory's customers.