Here's How High-Precision Laser Beam Cleaning Works

How do laser beams mange to cut rust and impurities while leaving the material underneath unharmed?
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Ever stumbled on a laser cleaning video? If you have, then you surely would not have forgotten it. Laser cleaning can be extremely satisfying and fun to watch like this video of a high-powered laser cutting through rust like butter.

In this video, we bring you five examples of this type of laser cleaning and we dare you not to be impressed: Watch as the laser beams clean a rusty pan making it look brand new.

Experience how a rusty engine is cleaned of rust to become shiny and new again. Witness as high precision tools shed off a bike's impurities and contaminants.

Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Are you wondering how these laser cleaners work? How do they manage to only clean the rust and impurities leaving the rest of the material unharmed? What engineering and technology lie behind their extremely meticulous cleaning? What other objects can they clean? We answer all these questions and more and bring you some very satisfying footage. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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