How Human Body Evolved into a Sandbag with a Lot of Weak Spots

There are so many weak spots in the human body that we should be careful about, and it sucks.

Have you ever wondered how we, as humans, seem like the most developed and smartest creatures on earth, while we have so many weak spots?

What I'm saying is basically, we have problems that other living creatures are too cool to have, or in other words, their bodies don't allow them to have those kinds of problems.

Take myopia, hypermetropia, or astigmatic. Why do we have these? Why can't we just see like other people or animals who don't have to wear glasses?

Or the problems we have with our sinuses. They make us sick, they give us head cold. They can cause a lot of problems. But have you ever seen your dog getting a sinus infection? I don't think so.

The problems we have in our legs, such as the meniscus, anterior cruciate ligament injury, or Achilles tendon injuries. Why oh why do we have these? 

Why it's so hard for women to give birth and they usually need medical help during a birth? As a result of having a small pelvis!

But how did we evolve into this? How did life bring us to this point where we should be careful about everything around us. Take a bite and breathe at the same time, boom, you're dead. Don't get any vitamin C from foods, and boom, you're dead again, because unlike some animals, your body can't produce vitamin C on its own.

If you're wondering the answers to these questions, watch this video, and you'll understand why we're so powerful yet so weak at the same time.

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