How It Was Like To Do Online Grocery Shopping in 1996

The only downside is that only 4% of people had internet at home.
Derya Ozdemir

We're so accustomed to living in the age of technology that it can be sometimes hard to imagine the times where the product of your choice wasn't one mouse click or one swipe away. In this video, CBC's YouTube channel has made a video about online food shopping in 1996 public, and it is as interesting and bizarre as it sounds. 

The video takes place in Canada. The video's description states, "In a first for North America, the Cyber Market from Quebec grocery chain IGA meant customers could do their food shopping right at home in 1996. The downside is only 4% of people even have the Internet at home."

Come to think about it, some areas still don't have the option to order groceries online even today. So this campaign was definitely ahead of its time. It also shows how timing is important in business. No matter how good a business model concept is, if it's not the right time, it just becomes useless.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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