How Many Papers Can an 8 ft Sword Pierce Through When Dropped From 150 ft

It's heavy, it drops good, it punctures things.
Utku Kucukduner

Have you ever wondered if those massive 16th-century zweihänders actually do the job? Well, not sure if this actually counts, but folks over at the YouTube channel How Ridiculous are definitely doing an important test for the community.

You may remember these people from a previous video where they use a Hulk fist to smash various things (ps. it makes a brief appearance in our sword video too).

The exact length of the sword is not measured but one of them assumes it's about 8"2' (2.5 meters). They each take turns, attempting to lift the sword off the ground but to no avail, it's a sword fit for mythical creatures perhaps. 

The folks are actually a bit skeptical about whether it will survive being dropped from above and whether it will land where they want it to. To be honest, it takes them quite a while to figure out how to properly place it so it falls into the right place, as there are many variables that go into this equation such as the wind and the releasing mechanism's swinging.

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