How Many Screen Protectors Would It Take to Protect You From a Bullet?

Since metal pocket watches fell out of fashion some time ago, the world obviously needs an alternative.

Finding the thickness of different materials it takes to stop a speeding bullet is a pastime as old as guns have existed. The advent of social media sites, like YouTube, has only accelerated this venerable practice with videos on stopping bullets using toys or pieces of fruit being highly popular things to watch.

And for good reason — it is fascinating to watch. 

One of the latest offerings is an investigation into how many screen protectors you'd need to successfully stop a bullet. 

As it turns out, it takes a lot fewer than your might initially think. Since firing bullets at random things is, by its very nature, a little dangerous, we'd thoroughly recommend you don't try this yourself.

Thankfully this experiment has already been carried out by the guys at DemolitionRanch so you don't need to risk life and limb in the process. 

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