How Much Are the Base Materials of a Rolex Worth?

Check out what's inside an $8000 Rolex.
Jessica Miley

The ‘What’s Inside’ YouTube Channel recently took an $8000 Rolex apart with a Dremel, to - you guessed it - see what is inside. In a follow-up video, the father and son team sent the broken up watch over to a fellow YouTuber, Cody's Lab to get all the materials of the watch analyzed.

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If you aren’t familiar with what Cody, he is a mad scientist type character that specializes in materials and chemistry. He was able to break down the Rolex into its individual elements such as gold, silver, and diamonds. 

In Cody’s video, you can see how he manages to do this using various cool tools like an X-ray gun as well as some old fashioned blunt force. Once Cody separated out all the materials he bundled them all up nicely and posted them back to Dan and Lincoln. 

Who then made another video of them unpacking the tiny packets of melted down the metal and exclaiming about how amazing it was. Cody also calculated the value of the base materials.

According to his calculations, there was about $500 worth of metals plus the value for the diamonds. That's’ about ten percent of the value of the Rolex’s shelf price.