How Tesla's Valve Straw Only Works in One Direction

The invention is important because unlike other one-way valves, it has no moving parts.
Loukia Papadopoulos

You may have heard of a Tesla Valve. It is a one-way valve that moves in only one direction without the use of any moving parts. Nikola Tesla invented this version of the one-way valve and that is why it is appropriately called the Tesla Valve.

Although it's an impressive feat of engineering, it actually works pretty simply. In this video, YouTuber The Action Lab shows us how.

He begins by demonstrating how a one-way valve works by making a hole into the lid of a water bottle. By placing a piece of tape over on one side, you guarantee that water can flow only in one direction: the direction that can push the lid's tape down.

A Tesla Valve is a more complex version of this mechanism without moving parts. In fact, The Action Lab names all the many types of one-way valves that exist and states that the only problem with them is that they have a mechanical moving part.

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Anything that moves quickly is going to eventually wear out that mechanical part. This is why Tesla's invention is so crucial: it has no moving parts that can be worn out and can therefore last a lifetime.

How does this special valve work? Watch the video to find out.

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