How Quickly Would a Jet Engine Burn Your Face Off?

In the search for the perfect engine to create a real life Iron Man suit. The Hacksmith team test a jet engine up against a rubber face.
Jessica Miley

The Hacksmith YouTube channel team are trying to figure out how to build a real-life Iron Man suit and are so in the process of finding ways to lift a human into the air. It’s proving harder than originally thought. Not only do they need something powerful to launch a human off the ground it needs to be safe enough and small enough to be strapped to their body. The guys have so far tried a few options including strapping model rocket engines to the Hacksmith's wrists, when this wasn't powerful enough they moved onto Electric Ducted Fans (EDF’s). These looked plausible, but unfortunately the smaller they are the less effective they are and powerful EDF’s are hard to come by. So the next step in the ongoing experiment is using jet engines. These are very powerful and difficult to control engines but they do have intense thrust outputs. 

They purchase a KingTech K310J engine and set it up in their garage for a series of tests. Once they get this thing up and running it is pretty obvious that this is a wildly powerful engine that has the potential to do serious damage. The thrush output test shows the engine can hit 31.92 KG, a smudge over the specifications provided by KingTech. After finding out the power of the engine next up is to see just how dangerous it really is. Obviously, there is no good way to test this except putting stuff in the way of the exhaust and seeing what happens. First to suffer the wrath of the engine is a creepy rubber model of an alien head. It unsurprising melts to nothing in mere second once the rocket is ignited. A polystyrene mannequin head follows a similar fate. Subscribe to the channel to follow the making of theIron Man Suit.