How Scientists May Have Accidentally Found a Cure for All Cancers

The researchers were experimenting with killer T cells.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Cancer. The very word strikes fear in the heart at the mere mention. But many wonder why there hasn't there been a cure yet? We seem to have advanced so much, and yet when it comes to cancer, we are barely making any progress.

The answer, according to SciShow, is because cancer isn't just one thing. It is a bunch of conditions where cells grow out of control. So, in that sense, there are some cures for some types of cancer, but each is very different, especially in terms of efficiency.

However, according to SciShow, some researchers at Cardiff University in Wales may have stumbled upon a cure for all cancers. Talk about discovery!

The researchers were actually looking for ways to fight bacteria with killer T cells. These cells kill things that aren't good for your body.

The researchers were searching for a type of T cell that kills lots of different bacteria. And it is during this testing that they accidentally discovered a potential cure for all cancers.

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