How the World's Most Massive Ships Are Built

A lot of heavy-duty work goes into building these sea marvels, but how do we engineer mega-ships?
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Have you ever wondered how oil tankers, cargo carriers, and cruise liners are built? How do you design, engineer, and develop the world's most massive ships?

An unimaginable amount of work goes into building them and their powerful engines as they require massive propulsion systems, some diesel, some wind, and some even solar-powered. Each ship is built differently, of course, but in order to begin to understand the process of building we took a look at the shipyard of General Dynamics NASSCO.

The construction begins with thin long plates that are cut and welded together into panels. These panels are then shaped into blocks that make up the skeleton of the ship and are then painted and equipped with cables and piping. Finally, once these blocks are ready, they are assembled into the final ship. 

A lot of heavy-duty work goes into building these mega-ships and we can imagine that the world's biggest ships require even more labor. Which are the world’s biggest ships according to TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit)? We tackle that question too in our video. So watch to find out more about the world's biggest ships and their amazing construction processes.

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