How to Build a Steel Cart for a Flat Top Grill

If you have need for an outside grill station, check out this great little tutorial.
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Do you have the need for an outdoor moveable cart from your flat top grill? Then follow this simple guide to build your very own. 

diy grill cart complete
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Like any project of this nature, you will need some equipment and other materials to get you started.

Tools and equipment needed

With all your gear and materials gathered, it is time to get on with the build. 

Step 1:  Make the frame for the grill top

The first step is to measure the l-bar steel to make the main support for the grill and side shelves. Mock up the size you want and, for best results, hold together with welding clamps. 

diy grill steel supports
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Once happy, weld the steel bars together to make the frame. As always wear the appropriate protective equipment (gloves, visor, etc). 

diy flat top gril weld
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Continue until the top frame has been completed. At regular intervals test the frame size with your grill. The dimensions will be entirely dependant on the size of your grill. 

diy grill frame
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Once happy, weld two last strips to the ends of each frame to complete the worktop. 

diy frame top frame complete
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Step 2: Build the main grill body frame

 With the worktop complete, it is now time to build the mainframe for the grill workstation. As before, measure up, or mock-up, the dimensions you want, and clamp them together. 

Then systematically weld the frame together using the l-shaped steel bars once again. 

diy grill body frame
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Continue until the main body of the grill is complete. When building the frame, be sure to leave some small lengths for the lower legs. 

diy grill main body frame
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Once complete, weld the main body frame to the grill top. 

diy grill complete frame
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Step 3: Add casters to the frame

With the frame complete, it is now time to add casters to it. Take your casters and place them on some scrap steel (t-bar or sheet).

Mark out the dimensions and cut them out using an angle grinder, or similar tool. These will be welded to the frame you just completed. 

diy grill casters
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

With the pieces cut out, mark out the positions of any bolt holes on the caster, and drill out using a milling machine or power drill. 

diy grill caster mounts
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Complete for all four caster mounting plates. Place the plates at the ends of the legs to your frame. 

Once happy, weld the plates into place. 

diy grill frame caster plates
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Step 4: Paint the frame

With the frame now effectively complete, paint or spray paint the entire frame in the color you want. 

For this build, the creator has chosen black. Make sure the paint is suitable for outdoor use. 

diy grill paint frame
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Step 5: Cut and fix the wooden paneling and add casters

With that stage complete, it is now time to make the wooden paneling. Measure and cut the wooden planks to size using a circular saw or table saw. 

diy grill cut wood
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

You are going to need various lengths of wood for the top and sides so measure accordingly to your frame's dimensions. 

diy grill wood infills
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Next, treat the wood lengths with exterior wood varnish. 

diy grill varnish wood
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Once the varnish is cured, begin to add the wood lengths to your previously completed steel frame. 

Start with the grill top, and add each piece to the frame. Hammer into place, as needed.

flat top grill wooden work surfaces
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Screw the pieces into place from the underside of the grill frame. You may want to create pilot holes first to make this job that little bit easier. 

diy grill frame drill
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Do the same for the base of the frame. 

diy grill base wood
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

With that complete, you can now bolt the casters to their mounting plates. 

diy grill casters bolt
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Step 6: Add the main panels to the cart

With all the casters attached, it is now time to add the main paneling to the cart. As with the base and work surfaces, create pilot holes around the frame and add the panels one by one. 

diy grill cart panels
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Make sure each length of wood is flush with the frame and/or the previous length. You will want two screws per length. Hammer into place if needed. Continue for three of the four sides. 

diy grill cart panels
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Secure from the underside as well. 

diy grill cart base
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Step 7: Connect up the grill 

Next, it is time to prepare the gas connections to the grill. Add some insulation tape to the main gas inlet for the grill. 

This is to ensure an airtight as possible connection -- you do not, repeat, do not want any gas leaks!

diy grill gas lines
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Now, securely fix an elbow pipe joint to the gas connection f the grill and rotate so that it points vertically downward. Mark out where it touches the side work surfaces and bore an equally sized hole through the wooden planks. 

diy grill cart gas connections
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Next, tape up the exposed end of the elbow joint, and add a flexible gas pipe connector, as shown. 

diy grill cart pipe connection
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Next, add a length of flexible gas-rated tubing to the nipple of the grill gas connection pipework. Ensure it has a snug and secure fit by using a pipe clamp.

diy grill cart nipple clamp
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Once secured, bend the tube and find a suitable place for the pipe to enter the side of the cart. Bore a hole as before and feed the tube through it. 

diy grill cart side pipe penetration
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Next, add a gas regulator and connector for fitting to the gas bottle. Do as instructed by the manufacturer. Once again, ensure the pipe is securely clamped to prevent leaking. 

diy grill cart gas governor
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Now, manhandle your gas bottle into the cart, and connect it to the pipework. 

diy grill cart bottle
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

With that, your flat top gas grill cart is basically complete. Now just turn on the gas, fire up the grill, and get cooking!

If you enjoyed this project, you might want to consider building a more permanent grill station for your garden? Just a thought. 

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