This 17-Year-Old Will Show You How to Build a Working Six-Speed Gearbox with LEGO Parts

Jessica Miley

Is there anything you can’t do with Lego? From drones to Escher drawings, there is so much these little plastic bricks can do. Now there is another cool addition, a Lego six-speed working transmission! Lego genius Dgustafsson13 built this incredibly detailed model out of standard Lego kit. They demo the nifty item by moving through all six gears with a Lego Power Functions Motor powering the input shaft. The good news is Dgustafsson13 has generously posted a parts list and an instruction booklet on their website so you can build your own.

I’d say cancel all weekend plans immediately. But if a working transmission isn’t your thing, have a look around Dgustafsson13’s site. This Swedish 17-year old has a bunch of instructions for awesome Lego models they have made. Take your pick from an articulated city bus to a sliding camera stand. The instructions are really detailed and have an easy to follow parts list too. You can, of course, watch the corresponding YouTube video as well. That explains a bit how the kit comes together and the pros and cons of each design. Overall Dgustafsson13 is putting together some really solid online learning content that I think a lot of learning academies would be envious of! None of the models are made from sanctioned  Lego kits, so you’ll need to scramble through your whole lego collection to get all the bits and pieces required. Check their channel and site for all the downloadable instructions.