How to build your own unique garden fish pond from scratch

Learn how to make your own unique garden pond.
Christopher McFadden

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Need an "objet d'art" for your garden? How about a nice fancy pond or water feature? 

If so, then this little project is just the thing you've been looking for. Follow this simple guide to find out how. 

diy pond complete
Source: Construction General/YouTube

As you can imagine, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started.

Materials and gear needed

  • Quikrete cement mix and sand
  • Reclaimed or old bricks
  • Rubble or other polystyrene pieces
  • Real or fake water plants
  • Basic tools (shovel, etc)

With all your gear in hand, it is time to get on with this great little build. 

Step 1: Prepare the ground

Like any project of this nature, the first step is to decide where to build it. Once done, break ground as needed by clearing away vegetation and leveling off the foundations.

Add a layer of sand and level this off too. Then mark out the rough footprint of the pond/water feature. Once happy, begin laying bricks to form the main base of the water feature. 

Next, mix up your cement as needed, and continue building up courses of bricks until you reach the desired height for the main walls of the pond/water feature.

diy pond brickwork
Source: Construction General/YouTube

Don't obsess too much with the brickwork pointing as you'll be skimming over everything anyway. Once happy, and as previously mentioned, skim the entire exposed surface of the brickwork.

Step 2: Add some decorative features

Once the cement skim is complete, we can now begin to make the main containment walls of the pond look fancy. You can design the outside features of the walls as desired.

In this case, a series of panels with starburst/floral designs inside has been added in relief. 

outdoor pond deco
Source: Construction General/YouTube

Step 3: Build up the main water feature

With the main tank pretty much finished, we can now move on to making the main water feature. To do this, build up a wall of bricks to the rear of the main tank. 

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Compartmentalize it, and then skim a needed. 

With that done, take some loose rubble, or jagged pieces of plastic/polystyrene, coat in cement, and begin to arrange like a rockery to the rear of the water feature. 

How you lay the pieces is completely up to you. While the cement is still wet, give the pieces a rough effect by sprinkling sand over them.

diy pond rockery
Source: Construction General/YouTube

Obviously, this is not necessary if you use real rocks or rubble. Make the feature more interesting by adding some layers or perhaps other features. 

Once happy with your arrangement, smother all parts in cement to make them look more like a rough-hewn rockface. 

diy pond main feature complete
Source: Construction General/YouTube

Step 4: Paint it

While the main feature is drying, you can now paint the outside walls of the pond/water feature. You can color the feature in whichever color you see fit, in this video's case, the choice was a mixture of blues and reds. 

If desired, you can also paint and/or weather the main water feature too. 

diy pond paint
Source: Construction General/YouTube

With that complete, you can then begin to fill the main pond tank. If desired, you can also add in some water plants too. 

Next, you can make some other features like water wheels, fishermen, etc, to add to the pond/water feature too. 

Install as needed. 

diy pond features
Source: Construction General/YouTube

With that done, you can now install your water pump, or connect a water hose to the top of the water feature. Whichever method you choose, turn it on and test it.

Adjust as needed. Once you are happy, you can then add some other decorative features like vegetation (real or fake) to the main rocky parts of the water feature. Lights are also a nice touch if you're willing to install them.

Last, but by no means least, you can then add fish to the main pond to finish the piece. Obviously, ensure the water is clean and habitable for your chosen fish species. 

If you enjoyed this project, you might enjoy making another outdoor garden feature? How about, for example, your own wood-fired hot tub?

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