How to Buy Your Very Own Tesla Model 3 for Just $78 per Month

This short video breaks down Tesla online purchasing system, and how to save on paying for the car.
Fabienne Lang

Ordering and paying for a new car has rarely been as simple and seamless. This video explains how easy it can be. 

Just like a 'build your own burger', you can tailor your Tesla Model 3 electric car to your exact needs and preferences. Choice of wheels, interior and exterior car colors, self-driving capability, amongst others, all come at an extra cost.

The car's base price starts at $35,000, and as you choose to add extra 'niceties' the price increases.

As Graham in the video states, "In less time than it would take a popcorn bag to be ready in the microwave, I was done creating my very own Tesla Model 3."

For Graham, and many like him, who are just "browsing out of curiosity," they end up with a $40,000 car in their checkout basket online. Just like an Amazon online order. A little bit of a wallet stretch for some.

But here's the twist with Tesla. You can save money back from the original cost. The car is eligible for a Federal tax credit, and on top of that, California drivers receive a refund for purchasing an electric car. 

Within a short 10 hours of applying for financing, the approval came through. In the end, the out of pocket cash upon buying the car came to a low $4,437.01, with monthly installment payments of just $78.39 following that.