Give your cat some TLC with this DIY cat massager

This handy cat massager gives your furry friend some much-needed relaxation.
Christopher McFadden

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Is your pet cat in need of some immediate TLC? Would he/she love a little neck massage? 

Then why not consider making this simple, yet effective, cat massager? 

diy cat massager complete
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As you can imagine, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started.

Materials and gear needed


  • A friendly, massage-starved cat

Step 1: Make the main roller

The first step is to take one of your soda bottle lids. Drill a hole through the center of it using a power drill. 

With that done, take another soda bottle lid and glue them together concave sides together. 

diy cat massager lids
Source: Newsflare

With that done, take your third and final lid, and glue it to one end of the dual-lid barrel. 

Next, take your spikey ball cat toy. Cut out the widest part of the ball to make a strip of spikey rubber. 

diy cat massager ball
Source: Newsflare

With that done, add a layer of hot glue to the soda bottle cap roller. Before the glue cools, glue the strip of spikey rubber to the soda bottle roller.

diy cat massager rollers
Source: Newsflare

Rinse and repeat to make a second identical spikey rubber roller. 

Step 2: Make the main roller body

With the main cat massager rollers now complete, we can now turn out attention to making the main holder for them. Take your popsicle sticks, you'll need four of them.

Using some scissors, cut the popsicle sticks in various lengths to make the main angled arms of the cat massager. Where required, glue the parts together using PVA glue or wood glue. 

diy cat massager arms
Source: Newsflare

Each arm will require about three layers of cut popsicle sticks to make a composite structure as shown above. The popsicle sticks pieces overlap between the layers to add strength and support to them once the glue has dried. 

The overall dimensions of the arms are 1 and 31/32 inches "high" and 4 and 17/32 inches  "wide". Of course, you can modify the design to fit your own requirements. Ensure the end of the longest part of the arm is tongue and groove as shown in the video.

diy cat massager arms dimensions
Source: Newsflare

Rinse and repeat to make a second identical arm from your stash of popsicle sticks. With the second arm complete, pair up the tongue and groove ends of the arms to form a basic hinge between the arms. 

Using some more popsicle sticks, make the main handle of the massager as needed. This piece will need to have a gap at one end to comfortably enclose the hinge of the arms. 

diy cat massager handle
Source: Newsflare

With that done, use some more popsicle sticks to make the angled roller mounts for the bottom of each arm as needed. Drill a hole to mount the roller as needed. 

Glue these into place as required. These will need to be 19/32 inches "tall" and 1 and 31/32 inches "long". 

diy cat massager roller mounts
Source: Newsflare

Rinse and repeat to make a matching mount for the other side of the arm. Glue this into place as well. 

Step 3: Complete the piece

With the main popsicle pieces now complete, it is time to complete the assembly. Take your power drill and drill a hole through all the sticks at the hinge point of the arms and handle. 

This will enable us to fix them together using a bolt to articulate the joint properly. 

diy cat massager hinge
Source: Newsflare

With that done, take some small screws and washers, and add the rubber band mounts to the knuckles of the main arms as shown. 

Next, take your spikey rubber rollers, place them within the arm mounts as needed and glue them into place. Fix them to the frame using a toothpick or similar between the jaws of the arm mounts, but ensure the roller can freely rotate. 

diy cat massaager roller mounts
Source: Newsflare

Do the same for the other arm. 

If not already done, articulate the main hinge between the arms using another length of a toothpick, and glue this into place as well. Finally, take your rubber bands, and connect the two arms together across their knuckles as needed. 

diy cat massager rubber band
Source: Newsflare

With that done, your DIY cat massager is ready to use on your unsuspecting furry friend - if they'll let you without tearing your hand apart, of course!

If you enjoyed this little DIY project, you might enjoy making another handy home device? How about, for example, your own Chemex-style coffee maker?

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