How to Grow and Cook a Yam in the Wilderness

Rather than use modern technology, this YouTube creator grew, cooked and ate his own yams using his signature primitive technology.
Shelby Rogers

One of the most popular and mysterious YouTube video creators is back with a new installment of primitive living. In his latest video, the wildman identified as John Plant shows viewers how to cultivate and cook a yam.

Plant cultivated a yam in a custom enclosure and then harvested it, cooked it, and ate it six months later. He noted this wasn't his first attempt at successfully growing yam. 

"My previous attempts at growing yams were stymied by wild pigs and scrub turkeys," he wrote. "On learning that yams are in the area, these animals will seek out any tubers planted and eat them."

In order to avoid these pests, Plant built an enclosure roughly 1 meter in diameter and 75 cm high to protect the vine.

But why grow yams? Plant explained in the video's YouTube description: 

"Yams have 116 calories per 100 grams compared to potatoes at only 93. They store well in the dry season as they are adapted to having a dormant period during these conditions. They are versatile in that they can be cooked into chips, roasted, boiled, mashed and made into a type of dough called “fu fu” typically eaten with stews."

How to Grow and Cook a Yam in the Wilderness 

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