How to Make a Detailed Steampunk-Themed Wasp Model

Impress your friends with this steampunk metal wasp model.
Christopher McFadden

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Everyone loves steampunk stuff, but wasps might not be your particular cup of tea. However, what happens when you combine the two?

You get one of the most awesome metal models you've ever seen, that's what. Find out how to make your own. 

wasp model complete
Source: Magnetic Games/YouTube

As you can imagine, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started.

Materials and gear needed

With all your gear in hand, let's get on with the build.

Step 1: Unbox the set and begin construction

The first step is to obviously remove all magnetic parts from its packaging. Ensure you do this stage in an organized fashion so that you don't misplace any of the pieces. 

magnetic wasp puzzle pieces
Source: Magnetic Games/YouTube

With that done, take the parts needed for the wings and begin to assemble as instructed. You will need to find the right parts and cut some other parts using a pair of pliers or similar. 

Once the wings are assembled, attach them to the top of the thorax part of the model, as instructed. 

diy wasp model wings
Source: Magnetic Games/YouTube

With that done, take the various bolts, cogs, washers, nuts, etc, and construct the wasp's body as instructed. Be sure to place the pieces in the correct order. 

Step 2: Make the abdomen

Next, take all the parts needed for the wasp's abdomen. Attach the various parts to the main bolt as instructed and, as before, ensure they are in the right order. 

diy wasp model abdomen
Source: Magnetic Games/YouTube

Tighten the endmost nut to the abdomen to ensure all pieces are securely fastened. With the metal parts done, take the rubber washers/rings and feed those over the main abdomen to add the wasp's characteristic stripes as shown. 

With that done, assemble the stinger part of the wasp and affix that to the end of the abdomen as needed. 

Step 3: Make the legs

Next, take all the parts needed for the wasp's legs. As before assemble as instructed. 

The legs are articulated to tighten to hold the legs together but not too much to prevent them from being poseable. 

diy wasp model legs
Source: Magnetic Games/YouTube

Rinse and repeat to make all six legs as required. With all legs now complete, secure the legs to the main leg mounting plate for the thorax of the wasp. 

Position at angles as needed and tighten as needed. The wasp will be mounted on a pedestal once complete so the legs don't need to support the weight of the model. 

Step 4: Make the head and finish the piece

Next, take all the parts needed for the wasp's head. Bend and cut parts (like the jaws and antennae) as instructed, and assemble the main part of the head as needed. 

diy wasp model head
Source: Magnetic Games/YouTube

Once the head is complete, we can now begin the final assembly. 

Take all the main parts of the wasp and connect together as instructed. Like the legs, the main segments of the wasp should be articulated so tighten but don't overdo it. 

Insert the magnetic parts as needed too. 

diy wasp model build
Source: Magnetic Games/YouTube

Once the main body and legs are connected, attach the wing assemble to the back of the thorax as needed.

With that done, build the main base stand for the wasp model too. The magnets on the underside of the main wasp should connect with the magnets on the stand. 

And with that, your steampunk-inspired wasp model is now complete. Now all you need to do is display it somewhere prominent in your home. 

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