How to Make a Matchstick PUBG House from Scratch

Got a spare hour or two? Then why not build your own PUBG-inspired building from matches?
Christopher McFadden

If you've enjoyed some of our other computer game-based DIY projects, then we are pleased to announce we have another one for your delectation. This time the game in question is the highly popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).

If you are a fan of the game and have ever wanted to build your own PUBG Squad House in real life, then you really need to see this handy DIY tutorial. 

Enjoy, this build is very, very, satisfying. 

diy pubg clubhouse complete
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

 But first, you will need some things before you get stuck in. 

Tools and equipment needed

Once you have collected all the materials and tools you need, it is now time to get on with the build.

Step 1: Start to assembly the matchstick walls

The first step, as you might imagine, is to make a very large pile of safety matches. These are pretty much the primary building material for this project, so get them ready to use. 

Next, either by hand or using tweezers. begin to arrange the matches in rows alternating the match heads top and bottom. 

diy pubg clubhouse matches
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

Once you have a row of about 32, stick the matches together using lines of hot glue. Alternatively, you could stick each individual match together using a small amount of wood glue. 

diy pubg clubhouse matches stick
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

Whichever method you choose, leave enough time for the glue to fully cure and set. Once ready, mark out the shape and size of the windows for the clubhouse needed and cut out the shape from the center of the match "wall". 

diy pubg clubhouse window
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

With that complete, take some dark orange paper and draw the design for a basic door onto it. Once done, cut out the door as shown below. 

Make several of these for each floor and door opening you plan on adding to the building. 

diy pubg clubhouse doors
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

Next, cut off one of the heads of a match and glue it to the door to make a small door handle. With that done, take a scalpel and cut around three edges of the door to create an openable door.

Step 2: Make the basic footprint of the clubhouse

With the previous steps completed, the next step is to plan out the basic footprint of the clubhouse. Take some old cardboard and sketch out the basic floorplan of the ground floor of the building. 

With that done, cut out the shape using a scalpel or pair of scissors — whichever you are more comfortable using. The image below shows the dimensions of this particular build, but you can modify it to your own liking. 

diy pubg clubhouse footprint
Dimensions of the footprint for this particular PUBG clubhouse. Source: Million Gears/YouTube

With the clubhouse's basic shape now defined, you can repeat the process of building matchstick walls as discussed in step 1. Rinse and repeat to make longer and shorter sections to complete the basic form of the ground floor. 

Be sure to add a series of windows and shorter walls to allow space for any doors you want to add. The lengths of each wall will be completed dependent on the design of your particular building, obviously. 

diy pubg clubhouse ground floor
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

With the basic construction and dimensions of the walls of the ground floor now complete, we can begin to assemble the building. Apply a layer of hot glue to each edge of the building, stick each matching wall into place before the hot glue cures. 

diy pubg clubhouse walls
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

Either assess by eye or use some guides to ensure that each wall is more or less perfectly vertical. Ensure you add some more hot glue to form the joints between lengths of matchstick walls — especially at the corners. 

As you build up the ground floor, at partition walls and doorways to your own design. Also add in mid-floor landings as needed, to the staircases as you go. 

diy pubg clubhouse partition walls
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

Step 3: Begin to add staircases and partition walls

With the ground floor now basically complete, we can begin to build up the clubhouse some more. Design, cut out and assemble first floor levels and staircases.

Once complete, glue them into place on the base and ground floor walls, as needed. Bear in mind that the cardboard floors of this building are not single cardboard thickness. Each has been made a little thicker than normal. 

diy pubg clubhouse stairs
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

With that complete, add a layer of hot glue around the entire perimeter of the ground floor walls. Before the glue cures, quickly align and stick into place the floor for the first floor. Ensure that you leave voids in the first floor level for staircases etc. 

diy pubg clubhouse first floor
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

Add other flights of stairs to the building before moving on to the first floor walls. 

Step 4: Build the first floor

With the ground floor now more or less complete, we can move on to the first-floor design. As with the ground floor, plan out the internal layout of the building, and make matchstick walls to match. 

With each wall complete, glue into place on the first floor as required. As with the ground floor, take the time to ensure that each wall is perfectly vertical and glued together for the added structural integrity of the model. 

diy pubg clubbouse first floor
Closeup of some of the walls of the first floor. Source: Million Gears/YouTube

As with the ground floor, add doors as needed as you build up the floor. You may well notice that the first floor has a much smaller footprint than the ground floor. You are free to design the building as you wish. 

Step 5: Add the roof

With the first floor now complete, we can move on to the third and final level of this particular clubhouse. As we did for the first floor, add a layer of hot glue around the perimeter of the floor below.

Once complete, align and glue the floor for the next level — in this case the roof. 

If not already done, decide on the kind of roof you want to build, sketch it out on cardboard, and cut it out. Assemble the basic shape of the roof on the top roof level floor. 

In this case, the roof is a cross-gable, hipped roofed design. 

diy pubg roof design
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

Next, take a pile of matches and cut off the heads to make a stockpile of them. Once done, begin to create rows of them and glue them to the main roof structure from bottom to top. 

The design of the rows of match heads will depend entirely on the design of your particular roof, for obvious reasons. 

diy pubg clubhouse roof tiles
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

Rinse and repeat for all parts of the roof, as needed, until the entire roof structure is completely covered in match stick heads. 

diy pubg clubhouse roof complete
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

Step 6: Add the final details to the PUBG clubhouse

With the roof now complete, we can return to the main structure of the clubhouse. Using the same card as used for the doors, cut out small strips of it to build the design of the windows. 

Add strips around the perimeter of each window and then glue on other parts to build mock window panes.

diy pubg windows design
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

You can be as basic or elaborate with your window design as possible. Rinse and repeat for all windows of the building. 

With that, your PUBG clubhouse is basically complete. You can now continue to add other decorate features to the building to your heart's content. 

Once you are finally happy, you can show off your matchstick masterpiece to your friends and family. Just make sure you keep the building away from naked flames.

diy pubg clubhouse burn
Source: Million Gears/YouTube

Unless, of course, you want a few minutes of perverted pleasure watching your hard work going up in flames. Just be sure you record the whole thing to share with others. 

And with that, this quick and simple computer-based DIY project is complete. If you enjoyed this one, why not push your skills to the limit with something a bit more complex?

How about, for example, making your own Cyberpunk 2077 radio and dosimeter?

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