How to Make an Invisible Air Umbrella Work

Can you make an umbrella that simply deflects rain away?

Have you heard about the invisible air umbrella? It's a nifty invention that allows air to simply deflect oncoming rain off of whoever is holding the air umbrella.

Back in 2016, there was a Kickstarter project for an air umbrella. It earned over $102,000.

However, in the end, the project wasn't developed and refunds were distributed.

YouTuber The Action Lab explores how this air umbrella would work by creating his own air umbrella. What he found is that to actually push the rain away, you would need a huge airflow at the top of the umbrella.

To make that possible, you would need a huge motor that is not practical in such a small item as an umbrella. So, does The Action Lab make his invisible air umbrella work?

You have to watch the video to find that out. We won't tell you the end result of this fun experiment here. We will only tell you that it is an entertaining and educational video.

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