This Guy Will Show You How to Make Your Own Badass Nitro Engine Powered Drill

Watch as this guy explains exactly how to make your own nitro engine powered drill at home. Get ready to be wowed!
Jessica Miley

Want to make a nitro powered drill? What even is a nitro powered drill? Wonder no more. Johnny Q90 has all the answers to your questions in this long video that explains exactly how to make your own nitro drill at home. Though to be honest, this is more of a watch and be wowed than a get down to business video. Unless, of course, you have a 3D printer and a bunch of really fancy tools lying around. That said, it is still entertaining and he does a very great job of building a totally kick-ass looking drill.

We were left wondering though, what exactly is nitro? Isn’t it that thing from the Fast and the Furious? Well almost, a nitro engine, generally refers to an engine that is powered by a fuel that contains some proportion of nitromethane mixed methanol. Nitromethane is highly flammable and is only suitable to be used in specially designed engines.

So, if you reached the same conclusion as us, that there is no good use for a nitro drill, you’d be right. But the creation of the drill does look like a lot of fun. And for some engine lovers out there, the sound of this overkill drill will set their heart on fire.

While the drill should deliver some over the top power, it doesn't seem to perform that well against common jobs. But if you want a one of a kind drill that can also make your ears bleed. This one is for you.

Via JohnnyQ90

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