How To Use a Track Loader To Drag a Shed To a New Location

This shed was dragged into a whole new world indeed.

In this oddly captivating video, Andrew Camarata takes his 12′ x 28′ shed to a whole new world. 

Andrew is a man of a range of skills and a bulletproof work ethic, which is the reason why watching him do his numerous construction businesses on YouTube is a joy for many. When the operator is a good one like Andrew, watching track loaders in motion becomes even more enjoyable. Moreover, if all that doesn't interest you, Andrew's sweet dogs most definitely will.

Andrew uses a Cat 955H crawler loader to move the shed across the yard to a new location. The overflight shots will enable you to see everything and watching the whole thing come together in a completely different place is definitely a plus too. Listening to that sweet engine in motion will be music to your ears!

Also, as YouTube user, Vermino delightfully puts it, "When the building department tells you it's a permanent structure, just show them this video." Who says improvising in engineering is not possible? 

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