How to Use Exhaust Water to Make More Horsepower

Engineering Explained's Jason Fenske is now exploring water injection for increased horsepower.

Engineering Explained's Jason Fenske is back with another great video about how to use exhaust water to make horsepower. If you do not know what that means, do not worry.

As usual, Fenske explains the details in his video description.

"Water injection is a great method for increasing the horsepower an engine makes, with additional benefits such as efficiency gains and emissions reductions. Water injection makes this possible through evaporative cooling; when the water changes from liquid to vapor, it cools the intake charge, increasing density and reducing the likelihood of knock," the engineer says.

"As a result, you can advance timing, increase boost, and run engines with higher compression ratios, ultimately making more power. The problem with water injection, however, is that you need to constantly refill the water tank as it runs dry. Tenneco, however, developed a test for a potential solution. What if you simply recovered water from your exhaust, and re-injected that water into your intake to make more power!? Will it work? Check out the video for all of the details," he adds.

We strongly suggest you take his advice. This is another well-illustrated and well-explained video which brings us closer to Fenske's mission to "help other people be passionate about cars."

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