Huge Cargo Ship Completely Demolishes A Port Crane In Freak Accident

The dramatic collision shows the giant ship turning the crane into noodles.
Derya Ozdemir

Milano Bridge, a 1,200-foot-long cargo ship from the Japanese shipping company ONE, slammed into a gantry crane at the port of Busan on Monday and hit several others. The freak accident happened on Monday afternoon local time. 

The video shows the giant ship proceeding to berth seven at Busan New Port in South Korea. It is unclear why it's coming at such speed; however, once it is clear that it cannot make it, Milano Bridge makes a hard turn away from the dock at the last moment. Unfortunately, this turn wasn't quick enough to save the cranes nearby, located in the port.

Milano Bridge hits the blue crane, and its structure falls across the ship's aft deck area, collapsing completely. The other cranes and another ship docked further down the pier were also affected, The Drive reports.

As far as is known, no injuries were reported. The reasons for the accident are still unknown. 

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