Huge Turkish Bears Caught on CCTV Cheekily Stealing Beekeeper's Honey

It isn't just Winnie the Pooh who enjoys dipping his paws into the honey pot.
Fabienne Lang

A frustrated Turkish beekeeper based high up in the mountains facing the Black Sea had enough of local bears stealing his sweet honey, so he set up night-time cameras to capture the footage of the thieves. 

Ibrahim Sedef, the beekeeper, has supposedly lost thousands of dollars worth of honey because of these greedy bears. Sedef even went so far as to locking up his beehives behind metal containers and leaving out different types of snacks to lure the bears away from his honey. 

None of these measures worked to detract the bears' attention from his honey. 

So what did Sedef ultimately do?

He set up cameras facing a large picnic table, with four containers each with different types of honey. 

It's a bit of a mystery as to how this may assist Sedef in deterring his furry night-time visitors from returning for more sweet snacks. However, the beekeeper may now be able to point the bears more closely towards the type of honey they prefer, and not lose so much of the other types of honey? Unfortunately for Sedef, the bears targeted the priciest honey of all: Anzer Valley honey. 

There is no scientific backing to this information, merely a first-hand account from this YouTube video above. Regardless of the fact that it's conducted in Turkish, the gist of the message is clear from the video.

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