Hundreds of Monkeys Terrorize Thai City in Search of Food Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Today's Jumanji dice brings you hundreds of monkeys fighting over a banana after the coronavirus keeps the tourists who'd feed them away.
Derya Ozdemir

Thailand was home to a bizarre sight of hundreds of wild and hungry monkeys fighting over a single banana after the coronavirus pandemic drove tourists away that would bring them food on a normal day.

The video shot in the Lopburi district in Thailand shows the animals running and attacking one another. The monkeys scream louder as they chase that one lucky monkey who seems to get hold of a banana.

Lopburi is a city that brings thousands of wild monkeys and not-so-wild humans together. Wild monkeys are a part of the daily routine, and many live in the ground of Lopburi's ancient Buddhist temples. 

Normally, the monkeys would be fed by the tourists that come by every day. However, the pandemic has forced the tourism numbers to a drastic decrease, forcing monkeys to go to extremes.

Sasluk Rattanachai, who saw the scene take place outside of her workplace, said to The Sun, “They looked more like wild dogs than monkeys. They went crazy for a single piece of food. I’ve never seen them this aggressive. I think the monkeys were very, very hungry. There’s normally a lot of tourists here to feed the monkeys but now there are not as many, because of the coronavirus."

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The footage truly does make you think of the apocalyptic scenarios where humans disappear from the face of Earth. The Earth would get accustomed to a life without humans ruining everything that’s for sure; however, it is always interesting to see the monkeys going full-on Planet of the Apes over a single banana. 

Moreover, think about the people rushing for toilet paper in shopping malls during the pandemic, and play spot the difference. We can't spot the difference.

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