Hydraulic Press Blows Up a Power Bank With the Help of Screws

Jessica Miley

We know watching stuff get destroyed is always satisfying. But what happens when the stuff getting destroyed also explodes? Pass the popcorn! Some of you may argue the heyday of hydraulic press videos is over. But we are sure you are going to love this one.

First up, the loons behind the Hydraulic Press channel calmly smash a tablet computer into smithereens. What makes this more entertaining is the tablet is playing the channel's recently released game as it gets crushed like some sort of Inception scenario.

Of course, the video shows you all the action a bunch of times in fast and slow motion so you can enjoy all the action in its glorious details.

Next victim for the hydraulic press is a power bank. The host of the channel, Lauri Vuohensilta, and his wife Anni claim they have done some research into how to get the bank to explode and so they set up a bed of scores for the bank to rest on. Apparently, this will guarantee the best explosion, and they are not far off. As the screws pierce the battery, the screen fills with smoke.

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The power pack is well and truly destroyed, even the screws barely survived. Vuohensilta suggests that you don’t try this at home, which as some helpful commenters point out, the likelihood of having an industrial hydraulic press is pretty low. So if you like watching things get destroyed with bonus explosions this is the channel for you.

Via Hydraulic Press Channel


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