Hydraulic Press Takes on Burning Hot Steel

The Hydraulic Press Channel has done it again. This time pressing some super hot pieces of steel. You'll be satisfied with the flames.
Jessica Miley

In a battle of the Titans, the Hydraulic Press Channel put its famous hydraulic machine up against a slice of red-hot steel. Incredibly, the press crushes the steel to about a third of its original size until the steel cools too much to allow further crushing.

It caused the press to get so hot that the hydraulic grease on the arm was burning in a weird turn of event, host, Lauri Vuohensilta takes the still burning hot steel outside and puts it into a shallow pile of snow. Obviously causing some instant boiling effect!

Next up in the steel versus press battle is another red-hot slice of steel up against a guillotine blade on the crusher. This time the blade slices the steel like butter, making a clean pressed cut right through the middle.

If that wasn’t enough Vuohensilta puts a piece of heated steel underneath the ‘cake slicer’ head of the press. He adds a piece of wood underneath the press, which immediately sets on fire with the addition of the steel.

The huge flames cause the slicer to break under the combination of heat and pressure. As always the crushes are filmed with a super fast camera so you can watch it all back in slow-mo and get up close and personal with the GoPro video too.

The Hydraulic Press channel never fails to be an entertaining watch. At a stretch you could also call it educational as witnessing the way different materials react under the huge force of the press is often quite surprising.