This Hyperloop-Style Magnetic Levitation Easily Lifts a 105 lb Drone

Powerful magnets can produce considerable force especially when it comes to large scale items. The biggest thing most commonly moved via magnetism is a train. This video, however, doesn't feature trains. It features something smaller but not too small. This video from Veritasium combines magnetic levitation and a 105 lb (47 kg) quadcopter. Derek Muller teams up with engineer Casey Handmer for this video. Handmer is the levitation specialist for Elon Musk's Hyperloop One system. The speedy pods have caught the attention of many looking to see precisely just how fast this technology can carry humans.

Elon Musk also hinted that the Boring Company tunnels will include Hyperloop-style technology. The system would (ideally) use levitation similar to the one used in the video to send the pods at over 600 mph (965 kmh).

Via Veritasium



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