If the Sun Became a Black Hole, Would Earth Fall In?

SciShow decided to explore what would happen if our Sun became a black hole.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Black holes are scary. They are known to consume everything within their mist and since they come from stars it is logical to ask ourselves what would happen if our Sun became one.

The good news is that the Sun would never turn into a black hole because it is simply not large enough. But the good people at SciShow decided to explore the interesting question anyway.

What would happen to the Earth if the Sun became a black hole? It turns out we still wouldn't have to worry about falling in.

The event horizon, the point of no return, of a black hole the size of the Sun would not reach Earth's orbit, keeping Earth safe. But would there be other effects?

It turns out that no. Our orbit would stay the same. 

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Well, that is good news for all fellow earthlings even if we know the Sun will not be turning into a black hole anytime soon or ever. And if you want more explanations on the matter, watch the video for all the details.

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