If You're Wondering What the Longest Walkable Distance on Earth Is, Watch This Video

This video shows the longest walkable distance on Earth, which is between South Africa and Russia.
Nursah Ergü

People have done a lot of crazy things throughout the years; they have climbed the tallest mountain, sunk to the deepest part of the ocean and landed on the moon, but there's one thing they haven't done yet; they haven't walked the longest distance on Earth.

The longest walkable distance on Earth is actually from L'Agulhas, South Africa to Magadan, Russia. 

It's true that it seems like a fun idea to walk the longest walkable distance on Earth, but this video shows you the dangers waiting for you along the way; snakes, malaria, wars, crime rates, and more detrimental factors; and they make this journey basically a suicide. I'm not even mentioning the scary cold of Russia, which can go down to -39 Celcius degrees.