Imagine Drinking a Coca Cola Cloud: Watch This Video to See If You Can

Ever wondered what happens when you put coca-cola in a humidifier? Now you can.

In this fun and interesting video, you'll be able to see whether or not coca-cola liquid can be turned into a cloud or vapor

But first, the video begins with a little warm-up by using water in the trial to start off with. 

By simply using a mini air pressurizer and a little water at the bottom of a small bottle, the video starts with a demonstration of how to create a little cloud - or some vapor in a bottle. 

Mesmerizingly, it works! And all this in under a minute.

Then, to add to the fun, coca-cola soda is added instead. Just a little at the bottom of the bottle. The same process is applied, where pressure is added into the bottle up until its full capacity. As soon as the bottle cap is lifted off -- another cloud is created 

Now for the fun part, does the cloud taste of the sweet soda? 

Apparently it does have a faint taste of it, however, that can't be confirmed as it may simply be the wafts of coca-cola air sweetening the air and thus, the smell.

You'll have to see for yourselves if the soda turns into coca-cola vapor when placed in a humidifier - just imagine if a vaporizer was jetting out sweet, almost edible, air!

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