Imagine What It Would Be Like If There Were Only 100 People on Earth

Imagine what the world’s population would look like if it was boiled down to just 100 people. In this new video from RealLifeLore we get a glimpse into the demographics and wealth distribution of just that.

The video provides some great insights into what our world looks like.  Not surprisingly from the 100 people, 59would live in Asia, while only 8would live in North America. This gives some food for thought about the way political power is distributed across the globe without taking into account population. Imagine if voting rights in the UN or similar were distributed on population?

In the world of 100, only 15 people would own cars, while the other 85 use other modes of transportation. But while cars are few and far between one ubiquitous technology is prolific. In a statistic likely to surprise, 80 of the 100 would own mobile phones.

The hard truths are examined more closely when looking at the wealth breakdowns of the population. In statistics unlikely to shock they still do offer pause for thought. According to the video, 85%of the world's wealth is owned by only10 people. In an even further concentration, it is understood that just 70 people own only 3% of global wealth.

The RealLifeLore is a YouTube channel that aims to find ‘Answers to questions that you've never asked.’ 

Via RealLifeLore


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