This Impossible Dovetail Puzzle Box Walkthrough Will Leave You Fascinated

Can you figure out how to open this box complete with four dovetail hinges without breaking or ruining the box itself?
Shelby Rogers

Dovetail connections serve as some of the strongest non-adhesive connectors in carpentry. But what happens when the dovetails form a box? It looks impossible to open, but can it be done without breaking the connections? If so, how?

This video comes from YouTube's master puzzle man Mr.Puzzle. He explains that the box is made from well-quality wood and painted for aesthetics. However, the different colors don't give any hint as to how to open the box. After looking at it from nearly every angle, he gives viewers a heads up before revealing the solution.

"Keep in mind that this solution cannot be reversed," Mr. Puzzle noted.

You can slightly move this object at a 45-degree angle; however, it's still stuck. What about spinning it around in various ways? No luck. There's also nothing inside the puzzle box. Take the two halves, place the painted half on the lower side, grab it in the corner and smack it from below without breaking it.

Those interested in buying their own dovetail box can find it on PuzzleMax.

Via Mr.Puzzle

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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