Impressive Footage Shows Tesla Semi Burning Rubber on the Street

A sliver of footage of a Tesla Semi will impress speed enthusiasts as it shoots down a road dropping a rolling burnout as it goes.
Jessica Miley

Tesla launched its electric semi with much fanfare last September. The all-electric small truck will reduce emissions and offer a safe and silent method of transportation. We haven’t seen much footage of the truck outside of the glamour of Tesla events, but this video is sure to impress even the biggest skeptics.

The sleek looking truck manages a cheeky rolling burnout after passing a UPS truck on a side road. It’s unclear exactly how fast the truck is going but it picks up speed in seconds. It’s exciting to see the almost silent truck take off with a squeal of rubber on tarmac.

The Tesla Semi has a reported acceleration of 0-60 mph in 20 seconds and a range of 500 miles. The truck is able to be reserved now with an expected delivery sometime in 2019.

Despite the truck being a long way off, it's been reported that Tesla already has more than 200 of the trucks on order. Logistics operator DHL is reported to have ordered ten trucks to do short trips and same day deliveries in major U.S. cities.

Tesla originally offered truck reservations for just $5,000 but that price has been upped to $20,000 for a ‘base reservation’. There is also the option to reserve the “Founders Series” of the truck for a cool $200,000.