This Genius Pneumatic Beer Delivery System Is A Dream Come True

Jessica Miley

The internet has seen a lot of awesome beer delivery gadgets and schemes. Of course, someone has made a video compiling the most spectacular fails. But for engineering genius, you can’t go past these guys from the Science Channel.

They built a pneumatic beer delivery system from a bar fridge in the house straight to them on the couch in their garage!

The technology is normally used to pull cash through banks or in skyscraper delivery systems but the guys from the What Could Possibly Go Wrong? science series put it to good use delivering everyone's favourite drink. Kevin Moore and Grant Reynolds rig up the elaborate pneumatic beer delivery system via tubing from their kitchen down the side of their house and into their garage. While the video doesn’t go into a lot of technical detail, we can assume this is not a job for the amateur beer enthusiast.

The two buddies make a tonne of great videos making crazy stuff in the name of science.  "We try and find something that has a fundamental basis in science and engineering so that we can build it ourselves, make it bigger, better, and safer, but while we're doing it, teach some fundamental principle of science or engineering that the viewer can walk away with," says Moore.

The duo have finished shooting the first season of their fun science show and are ready and waiting for more opportunity to get creative in their backyard lab.  "We've got a huge list, plenty of experiments," says Reynolds. “Science is fun, and science is all around us," says Moore.