Inside the World's Largest Doomsday Community with 575 Bunkers

These underground bunkers, basically 'backup plans for humankind', are engineered like fortresses.

In the wilds of South Dakota's remote Black Hills, a secretive community called Vivos xPoint stands: It is the size of a small city and houses 575 underground bunkers designed with the worst in mind.  

The world might have just gotten a reality check about the fragility of human life in this past year due to the pandemic, but the residents of these underground bunkers have been planning for a global disaster much bigger than the COVID-19 long before that. In case of a possible zombie attack, let's say, the city, self-proclaimed as the largest survival community in the world, is meant to shelter thousands in any possible doomsday scenarios.  

When looked from the sky, Vivos xPoint doesn't look like much with small hills stretching across the land; however, each small hill is actually an underground bunker. In this video by the YouTube channel Kara and Nate, you can accompany the duo as they spend 24 hours in the community and discover more about the people in those bunkers, as well as learning the process of making the bunkers, building them, and turning them into a basically glorified man cave. Enjoy!

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