The Internet is Going Crazy Over This Artist's MIDI Drawings

Musician and composer Mari Lesteberg creates animations, but she doesn't use AutoDesk or any other software. She simply uses her keyboard and a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) connection to create her own unique short films.

The stories themselves are simple. In this story, a girl leaves her cabin to venture into a cave where she discovers bats. However, what makes each video so unique is that Lesteberg's visuals directly pair with the music. And it's not just the MIDI program itself. Lesteberg customized the sounds of the notes to correspond with the changes in scenery.  Fans noted that the overall sound reminds them of an 8-bit video game or even the "Stranger Things" soundtrack.

If you enjoyed this particular journey featuring the little girl, Lesteberg posted the sequel here, and it's even more magical than the first. And as if you needed more reason to enjoy these creative shorts, Lesteberg said she donates all her AdCents money directly to and NOAH, a major animal rights organization in Lesteberg's home country of Norway.

Via Mari Lesteberg


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