Inventor Builds Avengers Hawkeye's Arrows, Bows and Quiver

He probably can't fight aliens with them, but truth be told, Hawkeye couldn't too.

Numerous handymen have given a try of their own at building gadgets from the Avengers movie; but perhaps, while Iron Man's arc reactor and Captain America's shield have been given a lot of love, Hawkeye and everything Hawkeye related have been overlooked. In this video, YouTube channel JLaservideo builds Hawkeye's trick arrows, bow, and quiver as seen in the Avengers movies.

After many of his followers wanted him to build Hawkeye's gadgets, he decided to tackle the project since it's an engineering challenge and "super cool." With some interesting engineering and movie magic, he builds a series of arrows including smoke, grapple, impact, flare, shock, rocket, and more.

He wrote in the description box, "The [arrowheads] are stored in the motorized quiver that rotates and connects the [arrowheads] to the arrow shaft. The bow features two hinges that allow it to fold up as well as a tension mechanism that lets it turn into a staff as well." The collapsible bow can be used in close combat, just like in the movie!

His version of the gadgets function well enough; however, he probably wouldn't be able to fight aliens with it. Good thing, he probably won't have to. 

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