It Took 297 Attempts For This Mind-Blowing Rube Goldberg Machine to Finally Work

This awesome Rube Goldberg machine runs for three minutes and took four months to make. It was created after its inventor lost a bet.
Jessica Miley

Ever lost a bet and had to undertake a laborious task? Maybe wash your mate's car or do the dishes for a month? For YouTuber Jackofallspades98 losing a bet resulted in him spending four months building the most incredible Rube Goldberg machine we have ever seen. Called the bet-losing machine, the contraption took four months to complete and 297 attempts before it could be run in all its glory.

The machine runs for almost 3 minutes in a series of brick falls, swing glides and other tiny complex details that will impress even the most hardened Rube Goldberg fan.

Jackofallspades98 has two videos dedicated to the machine, the first one here takes you through the machine in action. But if you are like us you’ll want to dedicate some time to the ‘making of’ video. This lengthy but great watch goes through his fails and trials and tribulations of making the masterpiece.

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A Rube Goldberg machine is defined as a deliberately complex contraption that is devised of a lot of smaller devices or triggers that activate the next trigger in front of it. The machine is named after its inventor Rube Goldberg. It has developed into an expression for a system that seems intentionally baffling or confusing such as medical insurance or other political systems.

It Took 297 Attempts For This Mind-Blowing Rube Goldberg Machine to Finally Work 

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