It Took 4 Years for This All-Metal T-800 Terminator Endoskeleton to Be Built

An Australian man built the movie replica entirely by hand.
Fabienne Lang

Jamie Staff, an Australian man, who also runs Jaz Creations, started building one arm of the T-800 Terminator endoskeleton with sand-forged aluminum.

Once he began though, he didn't want to stop and decided to build a full-scale metal hand of the T-800 Terminator endoskeleton. 

Jamie didn't just want to build a rigid model of the T-800; he wanted to create the fully articulated life-sized version of it. Meaning, every part of the body can be moved into various poses, from the head to the feet. 

He hit a few bumps in the road though and struggled with the correct dimensions. By chance, he could overcome these bumps as a fellow Australian had a full resin kit of the T800 endoskeleton, which was sitting in storage.

After carefully restoring the resin endoskeleton part by part, he could start creating sand-case molds for his model. 

This wasn't a perfect version of the endoskeleton as the parts didn't come out quite as polished as Staff desired. But he persevered and crafted each piece by hand, taking him two and a half years to complete. 

At that stage, all the pieces were separated and had to be joined together. Then came the task of allowing the parts to move freely, once they were put together. 

Some of the most challenging work came next. He had to polish the over 500 pieces for them to shine, almost to a mirror-shine.