Japan Is from Another Time and Space, This Video Shows Why

This guy shot a video in Japan for a day which demonstrates interesting innovations of Japan.

It's evident that when it comes to technology and innovation, Japan is on whole another level, even it can be said that it looks like a country from the future. And if you've ever visited Japan, you must be familiar with all of the Blade Runner kind of technology in the streets of the country. 

And if you've never visited Japan before, but you really want to do it soon, then this video will perfectly show you what you should expect while visiting the country.

Besides its fascinating culture and history, Japan will impress you with its latest technological inventions that you probably have never seen back in your homeland.

Need an office printer immediately? Don't worry, you can find it in every convenience store.

Want to see a Subway restaurant that grows its own greens? Yeah, you can find it in Japan!

These are just little examples to show how much of a different time and space do Japan lives. In the video, you can see many more examples of shocking innovations in Japan.

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