Watching These Japanese Joints Fit Together Is So Satisfying

Typically speaking, dovetail joints are some of the strongest connections in carpentry. They're also some of the most elaborately made.
Shelby Rogers

For 20 years, Theo Cook dedicated himself to making beautiful furniture. This particular video -- the only one currently on his YouTube channel -- proves that his dedication paid off. This dovetail joint replaces the often unattractive fasteners used to create certain pieces. Typically, this joint is used for aesthetics. However, dovetail joints can be some of the strongest techniques in woodworking.

Carpenters cut pins to lock with a corresponding series of "tails" on another board. More often than not, they're used to join the sides of a drawer to the front. Once locked into place, these joints don't normally need any sort of reinforcement. The joint boasts a high tensile strength, and it can be crucial in determining different periods and styles of furniture. For example, some early types of dovetail joints can be found in ancient Egyptian tombs.