Japan's Most Interesting and Practical Vending Machines

You can find a vending machine for everything in Japan, from crepes to underwear.

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Japan is the land of the future so it’s not surprising to see that this great nation has found a way to put nearly everything in vending machines. Indeed, in the country, you can find vending machines that provide everything from frozen slushy cola to sandwiches. After all, is there a more convenient way to buy anything than to go to a machine and insert money? In this video, we bring you some of Japan’s most original and practical vending machine ideas.

The Crepe Vending Machine serves crepes in individual glasses. Yummy! The Treasure Box Vending Machine offers everything from LED lights to PowerShot G7X for only 1,000 yen ($9). Talk about a good deal!


The Banana Vending Machine offers (you guessed it!) bananas. Low-sugar versions are also available. The Sushi Vending Machine provides frozen sushi and a microwave for cooking it. Finally, the Surprise Box Vending Machine sells boxes with surprise gifts in them. You never know what you will get! 

Have these machines piqued your curiosity yet? Want to learn more about the many types of vending machines available in Japan? Want to see how these machines work up close? Then, don’t miss this video!

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