Jellybots Are Ocean-Exploring Biohybrid Robots Made out of Jellyfish

Combining jellyfish and robots might be the ideal way to explore our oceans.

What do you think of when you hear the word jellybot? Some kind of gooey robot?

Well, if that's the case, you wouldn't be far off. "As far-fetched and futuristic as it might sound, researchers are working on turning jellyfish into ocean-exploring robots," explains SciShow.

Jellyfish are found everywhere in the oceans. From their deepest depths all the way to the open seas.

As such, they make ideal explorers of the oceans. This is the talent researchers plan to exploit.

They are seeking to implant robots in jellyfish creating these ocean-exploring robots, or jellybots if you like.

The animals' gooey bodies are ideal for this kind of tech. Before you wonder if this would hurt the jellyfish, it should be noted that these animals lack a brain, a true central nervous system, and pain receptors.

As such, they can likely not even detect that a robot has been implanted in them. So, what do researchers plan to monitor with jellyfish? And exactly what kind of robots do they plan on implanting in them?

The answers, along with what studies have already been done, lie in this video. We won't tell you here. SciShow does a much better job of explaining all that. We will only tell you it will blow your mind.

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