A self-taught inventor builds and rides a jet-engine go-kart

With a top speed of 90 mph!
Derya Ozdemir

If you have a knack for out-of-the-world projects made by joyfully colorful people, this video is just for you. In this video, inventor Bob "Rocketman" Maddox, who is known for building all kinds of mad inventions, shows off his DIY go-kart that’s powered by three valveless jet pulsejet engines. Yes, you read that right.

His invention has a top speed of 90 mph and runs on propane and diesel fuel. As you'd imagine, it’s incredibly loud, which means being in the driver's seat wouldn't be possible without investing in solid hearing protection. Called "The Beast", Maddox's newest invention spews flames behind him, and you can see him yelling in delight as he rides the go-kart. If you want to see the invention and get to know this delightful person, make sure you watch the video embedded above, and as always, enjoy.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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