This ingenious 'Rocket-man' put a jet engine on his skateboard

He says it reached 50 mph.
Loukia Papadopoulos

There's no doubt about it. We love it when people engineer cool new inventions. In this video, we can see a DIY jet engine skateboard that is quite steady and speedy.

Unfortunately, we don't have much information on how the vehicle was built. The video's caption simply writes: "Bob Maddox the Rocket-man riding his pulsejet engine-powered jet skateboard 50 mph. He built the ACME skateboard with the Maddoxjets Cyclone 50 Pulsejet engine. Riding at Cederville California."

Luckily we have some more videos of DIY skateboards that illustrate the process behind their achievements. There is this video where YouTuber Ivan Miranda built an all-terrain skateboard and decided to test it in different environments.

The end result is a pretty versatile device that can tackle all kinds of terrains. There's also this clip that shows you how to make an electric skateboard from scratch. Now, that's a DIY you don't want to miss.

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As fun and entertaining as these videos are, they are still quite different projects than Maddox's pulsejet engine-powered skateboard so unfortunately, we can't derive from them how to actually build the vehicle. Maybe this is a project meant to simply be enjoyed and not replicated.

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