John Deere Unveils A New Autonomous Workforce

With less noise, flexible charging possibilities and zero emission, the latest model John Deere is ready for you at #CES2023.
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John Deere, a leader in agricultural and construction equipment, announced a new autonomous workforce at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 in Las Vegas. With products such as a crop sprayer featuring the See and Spray technology, and a sensor-driving robotic technology called ExactShot, the manufacturer has brought out innovative technologies that can intelligently address real-world situations.

The company showcased a super cool technology, called, See and Spray, which employs 36 cameras on a 120-foot-long machine. Instead of spraying the entire field, it pinpoints the difference between weeds and plants and sprays herbicides only where it is needed. The technology makes use of computer vision and machine learning to solely target weeds in season in corn, soybean, and cotton. This results in spraying only one-third of the field, saving about two-thirds of the chemicals used.

The user can also apply only what they need, using advanced tank mixes from its dual-tank configuration. The See and Spray technology began shipping late last year, and the company is very excited about its future.

John Deere also unveiled a sensor-driving robotic technology called ExactShot in its fully autonomous tractors. This new technology is designed to reduce fertilizer use by more than 60 percent, saving money for farmers and lowering the number of excess chemicals that go into the ground.

ExactShot comprises built-in sensors that can figure out when a seed is planted. Accordingly, it will dispense the precise amount of fertilizer, about 0.2 ml, directly onto the seed at the exact moment as it goes into the ground, rather than applying a continuous flow of fertilizer to the entire row of seeds. According to John Deere, ExactShot will help save over 93 million gallons of fertilizer, saving farmers $650 million of input costs.

The technology can spray up to 10 miles per hour, easily fertilizing seeds faster than farmers can do by hand. One ExactShot machine can cover 34 million seeds per day.

Farmers can swipe on their phones to control the tractor which will work on the entire field. ExactShot will help farmers to be economically and environmentally sustainable as they work to grow food and fiber.

John Deere also has innovations in data and electrification, and some in construction. Overall, the company's latest autonomous workforce is a massive leap forward in automation. Its versatility, performance, eco-friendliness, sustainable, and intelligent solutions make it appealing to a wide range of industries.

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